Show Your Colors

Check out these upcoming events that support citizen engagement>>

  • Access Tallahassee: Launched in 2006, this program works to connect and engage young professionals through programs designed to help them build business relationships, grow personally and professionally as well as contribute to the economic development and quality of life in our community. These programs include nurturing development through exposure to local leaders, unique social networking events to help cultivate relationships with other like-minded young people and various opportunities to get hands on involvement in our community – all while gaining a broader perspective on our local business climate.
  • Council on Culture and Arts: Tallahassee is overflowing with things to do every day of the year. This free interactive calendar lists hundreds of art, theatre, music, dance, film, history, and other community events. It’s searchable by type of event, date, location, and keyword. Check back often, because new events are added all the time! What’s there to do in Tallahassee? More than you thought!
  • Leon County Citizen Engagement Series: The Citizen Engagement Series offers citizens the opportunity to gain insight into how decisions are made at the County level to set the priorities of the community and exchange input and ideas to meet the present and future challenges that we face. The purpose of the Series is to foster an informed and actively-engaged citizenry which is a key component required to strengthen our community. The Series consists of six bi-monthly interactive sessions that will provide knowledge of the County’s decision-making process, and the process in which programs and services are delivered to the community. As a result, citizens will have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the role, responsibilities, and challenges of County government and become more involved in shaping the community.



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