They’re Engaged!

They’re Engaged! Enjoy these photos and highlights from VCP events

  • 2012 FAMU Housing Scholarship Contest: The Vibrant Cities Project partnered with the Dorm Step Show Committee at Florida A&M University in hosting a scholarship contest in October 2012. Contestants were required to submit an essay with ideas on how to make Tallahassee a more vibrant place to live. The top prize amount of $250 was received by a student double-majoring in English and Psychology; she will be volunteering with the board to execute her idea to create a local internship and career fair in the Fall of 2013. A total of $500 was awarded in scholarships.
  • physicalchallenge-small2012 Physical Challenge: VCP’s first foray into actively getting Tallahassee residents engaged was the 2012 Physical Challenge held in July. Teams of 5 will register and compete to win cash prizes at this fun-filled day that will feature People In Motion and Youth Athletic and Recreational Development, or YARD.




  • Tribute to Harlem Nights: Costume Party and Charity Gaming: This event to benefit the Vibrant Cities Project was held January 2012 and included charitable gaming, costume attire, a screening of the movie and lives performances of some of the popular scenes from the movie. The movie was originally released in 1989 and stars Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx and a host of other comedians. There were over 100 guests in attendance and $500 in scholarships were awarded to local actors pursuing fine arts opportunities.
  • Conversations with Concept: A Conversation about Economic Development: The objective of the January 2011 Conversations with Concept Tour was to discuss the economic development challenges faced by the city of Tallahassee from the standpoint of key influencers from the University administrators, private industry, residents and students alike. There were 30 guests in attendance. The route design included Lee’s Wine Bar, Tallahassee Mall, Midtown Tallahassee, Southwood, Southside Tallahassee, G Street District, and the proposed location for Concept Creative Group Hospitality Center.
  • Florida State University Congress of Graduate Students – Sense of Place Tour : The objective of the FSU COGS Sense of Place Tour held in August 2011, was to engage FSU students with the Tallahassee community, demonstrating opportunities within the city for students to work, play and stay beyond graduation and to enhance their quality of life as Tallahassee residents. Representatives from community partner organizations served as moderators exposing the students to Tallahassee’s hidden treasures. Over 100 students registered for this event. View highlights from the event on YouTube here:

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